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YangZhou Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in Jiangsu city, which is an ancient city in Jiangsu province. With the Yangtze River in the south, Shanghai in the east, Yangzhou in the west, it is easy of access.

The company was founded in 1996. Taking market and orientation, technology as supporter, product as leader, the company has successively developed chloramphenicol products, levamisole products, and photosensitive additives. Based on superior product quality, perfect service system, the company has become leading enterprise in chemical industry in Jiangdu district of Yangzhou city.

The company owns self-managerial import and export rights. Our products meet the standards of British Pharmacopoeia and USP, thus they are highly preferred by international market.

With China's entry into WTO, our general manager Wang Zhonghua and all employees give the best regards to new and existing customers.

We strive to create bright future with huge enthusiasm, high morale, and a sense of triumphalism.