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Chemical name: Guanylhydrazine
Structural formula: HaC-C-N-NH-C-NH2-CH-CH2-nNH.CHaCOOH
Properties: light yellow transparent liquid, solid is soluble in water, insoluble in acetone.
Uses: The product can ensure definition in dyeing color film.
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Fixation rate: 10.0±0.5%≥1.2% (solid)
Intrinsic viscosity: 0.6-0.9dl/g 0.6-1dl/g (solid)
P  H: 4.5-5.2 4-5.5 (solid)
Hardening value: ≤4.5mL
Packing: liquid is packed by 20kg colored plastic drum, solid is packed by 1kg double-layer plastic bag